ITC-29 website opened


The International Toki Conference (ITC) is a topical meeting dedicated to a specific subject related to plasma and fusion science. The series began in 1989 with the founding of the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) and has been held on an annual basis ever since.  In recent years, several new experiments have started and construction of new devices are going forward around the world. Cooperation among experiments, theory, and simulations has become more important. Technological development, built on fundamental research topics, will be further utilized to applied plasma research and large-scale plasma science for fusion reactors. The conference topics cover a wide range of research in various plasma and fusion science. In addition, a special session on the issues in the steady state operation of magnetically confined plasma is planned to be held.


  1. Magnetically-Confined Plasmas
  2. Inertially-Confined Plasmas
  3. Fusion Engineering and Reactor Design
  4. Basic Plasma Research and Plasma Application
  5. Fundamental Theory and Simulation Techniques
  6. Space and Astrophysical Plasmas
  7. Data Driven Plasma Science
  8. Special Session on “Steady State Operation of Magnetically Confined Plasmas”

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