Abstract submission

Authors are invited to submit one-page abstracts of their contributed papers online before August 1, 2018. Please visit to the 'Abstract and Registration System for ITC27 & APPTC2018' (https://itc-office.nifs.ac.jp/icarus/), and follow the instructions describing on the webpage.


  • The submitter of the abstract must be the same person as the first author of the abstract and the presenter at the conference.
  • Each participant may make only one presentation.
  • If you have not created your account for the 'Abstract and Registration System for ITC27 & APPTC2018', please sign up the system first.
  • On the abstract sumission system, please fill in the abstract form, examine a pdf file which will be created on the system, and submit it.
  • TeX-style expressions are acceptable on the abstract submission system.
  • You may revise your submitted abstract as many times as you want until the deadline for abstract submisson.