Poster 2

Tuesday November 20th: 14:30-16:30

P2-01 Hideaki MIURA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Anistropic SGS modeling for large eddy simulation of magnetized plasma
P2-02 Kiyomasa WATANABE (NIFS) Study of interchange MHD instability in low magnetic shear heliotron plasma with net toroidal current
P2-03 Katsuji ICHIGUCHI (National Institute for Fusion Science) Fundamental Numerical Study of D Shape Heliotron
P2-04 Withdrawn
P2-05 T. YAMAUCHI (Nagoya University) Development of electron gun and probes for Measurement of Magnetic Flux Surface on TOKASTAR-2
P2-06 Naoki MIZUGUCHI (National Institute for Fusion Science) Numerical Modeling of Pressure Redistribution in the Single Helicity States of Reversed-Field Pinch
P2-07 Tetsuo OZAKI (NIFS) Reduction of the neutron induced noise in the compact neutral particle analyzer for LHD deuterium plasma experiments
P2-08 J. Varela (NIFS) Analysis of the MHD stability and energetic particles effects on EIC events in LHD plasma using a Landau-closure model
P2-09 Hideaki MATSUURA (Kyushu University) Knock-on Tail Observation Scenario Using γ-ray-generating 6Li+d Reaction in the LHD Deuterium Plasma
P2-10 Shota SUGIYAMA (Kyushu University) Prediction of Neutron Emission Anisotropy for Validation of an Analysis Model for Neutron Spectra in Beam-Injected LHD Deuterium Plasmas
P2-11 K. Kimura (Kyushu University) Knock-on Tail Observation Scenario Using Characteristic X-rays from Energetic Ions Produced by 6Li+d Reaction
P2-12 Mieko TOIDA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Particle simulation of stair-like frequency chirping in lower-hybrid resonance range caused by energetic ions
P2-13 Tatsuki AMITANI (National Institute of Technology, Toyama College) Development of Fast-Neutron Detector with Scintillating Optical Fiber for Triton Burnup Experiment in Deuterium Plasmas
P2-14 Hideo NUGA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Analysis of energetic particle confinement in LHD using neutron diagnostics and Fokker-Planck codes
P2-15 Jialei WANG (Dalian University of Technology) Linear and Nonlinear Simulations of Alfvén Eigenmodes Destabilized by Energetic Ions and Electrons
P2-16 Hibiki YAMAZAKI (The University of Tokyo) Hard X-ray Profile Measurements for TST-2 Lower Hybrid Current Driven Plasmas
P2-17 Linge ZANG (Southwestern Institute of Physics) Development of a calibration system for the compact pinhole NPA on HL-2A/M
P2-18 Neng PU (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies) Evaluation of Scintillating-fiber detector response for 14 MeV neutron measurement
P2-19 Y. Hayashi (National Institute for Fusion Science) Study on heat pulse propagation in detached recombining plasma by using linear plasma device Magnum-PSI
P2-20 Jhoelle GUHIT (Doshisha University) Effect of Substrate Temperature on the Hydrogen Reflection at Metal Surfaces
P2-21 Hirohiko TANAKA (Nagoya University) Characterization of He induced nanostructures using SEM image analysis
P2-22 Junki MORIMOTO (SOKENDAI (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)) The finite larmor radius effect on heat load by lost fast ions
P2-23 Apiwat WISITSORASAK (King Mongkut's University of Technology Thonburi) Development of Extended Two-Point Model for Asymmetric Scrape-Off-Layer
P2-24 Akihiro IWATA (Kyoto University) Observation of the Hot Spot on Plasma-Facing Wall in Heliotron J by the Visible and Near-Infrared Simple Spectrometer System
P2-25 Hiroki HASEGAWA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Effect of Ion Mass on Plasma Filament Propagation Dynamics
P2-26 Yasuhiro SUZUKI (National Institute for Fusion Science) Particle-In-Cell (PIC) simulation of plasma-wall interactions with anisotropic temperature
P2-27 Yutaka FUJIWARA (NIFS) Evaluation of an Energetic Particle Radial Profile Using a FIDA Diagnostic in the Large Helical Device
P2-28 Azusa FUKANO (Tokyo Metropolitan College of Industrial Technology) Analysis of Plasma Distribution near the Extraction Region in Negative Ion Sources with Surface and Volume Produced Negative Ions
P2-29 Shuji KAMIO (National Institute for Fusion Science) Steady State Operation with High Power ICRF Heating in LHD
P2-30 Motoshi GOTO (National Institute for Fusion Science) Dependence of Plasma Parameters in Hydrogen Pellet Ablation Cloud on the Background Plasma Conditions
P2-32 Yuki GOTO (Nagoya University) Observation and Calculation of the ECE with Spatial Changing of the Optical Thickness in the LHD Plasma
P2-33 Fumiaki INOUE (Ibaraki University) Development of Fast Switching Device of High Power Millimeter Wave Using Natural Vibration for Electron Cyclotron Current Drive System
P2-34 Yuya MORISHITA (kyoto university) Simulation study of Neutral Beam Injection Heating in the HSX plasma
P2-35 Shin KUBO (National Institute for Fusion Science) Electron Bernstein wave detection by far-infrared wave scattering in QUEST
P2-36 Hiroto MATSUURA (Osaka Prefecture University) Consideration of Heat Conduction Problem in Heliotron J Combined Probe Analysis
P2-37 Keiji Fujita (Sokendai) Global effects on the variation of ion density and electrostatic potential
P2-38 Withdrawn
P2-39 Apisit - DANG-IAD (Prince of songkla University) Study of Torques and Current Effects on ETB and ITB Formations based on Three-Field Bifurcation Concept
P2-40 Ryusei KOTERA (KyotoUniversity) Evaluation Of Beam-Beam Fusion Reaction Rate Including Localized Beam Profile In Tokamak Plasma
P2-41 Withdrawn
P2-42 Takahiro URANO (Gunma University) Hybrid simulation of tangential neutral beam injection into a field-reversed configuration plasma
P2-43 Makoto KOBAYASHI (national institute for fusion science) Correlation between migration of hydrogen isotopes and oxygen distribution in SS-316L
P2-44 Siriyaporn - SANGAROON (Mahasarakham University) Neutronics Assessment for Phase II Future Thailand Tokamak
P2-45 Takeo NISHITANI (National Institute for Fusion Science) Neutronics analyses for shield upgrading of the compact neutral particle analyzer for LHD deuterium plasma experiments
P2-46 Hisanori MIYANISHI (Nagoya University) Molecular dynamics simulation of DNA damage by tritium beta-decay
P2-47 Sin-iti KITAZAWA (National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology) Gamma ray irradiation effect on optical elements of ITER divertor impurity monitor
P2-48 Sumi Yokoyama (Fujita Health University) Field estimation for improvement of environmental tritium behavior model
P2-49 Tomoyo TANAKA (Nagoya University) Measurement of Thermal and Epi-thermal Neutron Flux Distribution in the Torus Hall of LHD Using Activation Method in 1st Deuterium Experiment Campaign
P2-50 Atsushi M. ITO (National Institute for Fusion Science) Incident Energy Dependence of Tungsten Fuzzy Nanostructure Formation under Helium Plasma Irradiation by Using BCA-MD-KMC Multi-Hybrid Simulation
P2-51 Arimichi TAKAYAMA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Physical Properties of Self-irradiated Tungsten Evaluated by Molecular Dynamics Simulation
P2-52 K. Asai (graduate school of engineering, Nagoya University) Characteristics of co-deposition by tungsten deposition layer formed by helium plasma
P2-54 Jiraporn PROMPING (Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology) Predictions of plasma behavior due to pellet injection for future Thailand tokamak using CRONOS code
P2-55 Ryusuke TSUJI (Ibaraki University) Trajectory Calculation of Horizontally Injected Inertial Fusion Energy Target in Residual Gas
P2-56 H. NATSUME (Nagoya University) Observation with microwave interferometer and Langmuir probe along the magnetic field in the detached linear plasma
P2-57 Kazuya ICHIMURA (Kobe university) Study on the Sensitivity of Fast Ionization Gauge in Mixture Gas of Hydrogen and Helium
P2-58 Duan Xie (National University of Defense Technology) The Application of Polarization Grating (PG)in High-Order Harmonic Generation from Intense Laser-Solid Interaction
P2-59 Hiroaki NAKAMURA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Rotational-symmetry dependence of orbital angular momentum in waveguide
P2-61 Wakaba KOBAYASHI (Keio University) Investigation of Dependence of Power Transfer on Frequency in the Linac4 H- Source
P2-62 Efren N. Hamoy (Ateneo de Manila) Self-Tuning Inductively Coupled Plasma Generator
P2-63 S. Iwata (Gunma University) Monte Carlo analysis of ionization and secondary electron emission in a hollow cathode discharge with magnetic field applied by Helmholtz coil current
P2-64 Kojiro SEKIGUCHI (Gunma University) Hollow cathode discharge experiment applying magnetic field of permanent magnets
P2-65 Takayuki HARUKI (University of Toyama) Boundary conditions required to suppress electric fields initially induced in the vicinity of a stressed X-point
P2-66 Shunsuke USAMI (National Institute for Fusion Science) Extension of the ion effective heating process during magnetic reconnection with guide field
P2-67 Yoshifumi TAKAHATA (The University of Tokyo) Experimental Study of Magnetic Reconnection in Partially Ionized Plasmas using Rotating Magnetic Field
P2-68 Kento NISHIDA (The University of Tokyo) Analysis of Energy Conversion during Counter and Co-Helicity Spheromak Merging by Particle-In-Cell Simulation
P2-69 Gediminas GAIGALAS (Vilnius University) Theoretical investigation of energy levels of Er2+
P2-70 Withdrawn
P2-71 Kento INUI (Kobe University) Effect of axial gradient of magnetic field in a plasma source of a thruster simulator using a single helical antenna
P2-73 Hayato Tsuchiya (NIFS) Feasibility Study of Holography using Reflectometry Microwave
P2-74 Kiyofumi MUKAI (National Institute for Fusion Science) Multi-Dimensional Measurement of Plasma Radiation on LHD
P2-75 H. Ohtani (National Institute for Fusion Science) Construction of Fusion Reactor in Virtual-reality Space
P2-76 Yuichi Tamura (Konan university) Volume rendering method applied to 3D edge impurity emission in LHD to produce projection image in arbitrary plane
P2-77 Nobuaki OHNO (University of Hyogo) In-Situ Visualization Tool: VISMO
P2-78 Atsushi KAMITANI (Yamagata University) Electromagnetic Field Computation in Axisymmetric High-Temperature Superconducting Film by Equivalent-Circuit Method
P2-79 I. Saeki (Nagoya University) Detached helium plasma simulation in a linear device by using the LINDA code
P2-80 Haolun Li (Kyoto Institute of Technology) Structural change of tritium-substituted polymeric materials by a beta decay: A molecular dynamics study
P2-81 Ilsu Mun (Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University.) Comparative simulation of metal in helium diffusion and agglomeration process
P2-82 Ayumu SAITOH (Yamagata University) Meshless Approach for Solving 2D Large-Scale Steady-State Scattering Problem of Electromagnetic Wave
P2-83 Takahiro MORI (The University of Tokyo) Simulation of Electromagnetic Wave Propagation in a Magnetospheric Plasma
P2-84 Hayama Asai (Kyoto university) Changes in radial distribution due to collision between neutral beams in tokamaks.
P2-85 Tomohiro DEGAWA (Nagoya University) Numerical Simulation of Cryogenic Gas-Liquid Two-Phase Flow in a Coil Winding of a Superconducting Magnet