Poster 1

Monday November 19th: 14:40-16:40

P1-01 Withdrawn
P1-02 Masaharu Fukuyama (Kyushu university) Adaptive-array ECE Diagnostics for using phased-array patch loop antennae
P1-03 Miu YUNOKI (Kyushu-University) Development of W-band corrugated horn antenna based on electromagnetic field simulator analysis
P1-04 Withdrawn
P1-05 Hisamichi FUNABA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Evaluation of Electron Temperature from the Time-Developing Thomson Scattered Signals on LHD
P1-06 Nilam NIMAVAT (SOKENDAI) Study of Lyman-α Line Polarization due to Anisotropic Electron Collisions in LHD Plasma
P1-07 Peerapat BOONYARITTIPONG (Tohoku University) High Energy H+ Beam Production for Divertor Plasma Simulation Experiments in DT-ALPHA Device
P1-09 Ryosuke SEKI (National Institute for Fusion Science) Evaluation of Neutron emission rate with FIT3D-DD code in large helical device
P1-10 Qinghong CAO (Graduate School of Engineering, the University of Tokyo) 2D High-Resolution Magnetic Field Measurement of the Merging Tokamak Plasmas in New Reconnection Experiment: TS-3U
P1-11 Yasuko KAWAMOTO (National Institute for Fusion Science) Effective ion charge diagnostic for the LHD plasma
P1-12 Yongtae KO (University of Tokyo) Measurement of the lower hybrid wave using RF magnetic probes on the TST-2 spherical tokamak
P1-13 Moe AKIMITSU (The University of Tokyo) High Resolution Magnetic Field Mesurement of Magnetic Reconnection in TS-6 Device Using Printed-Circuit Board Coils
P1-14 Hamada Y. (NIFS) Study of high-frequency magnetic bursts in JIPPT-IIU tokamak plasmas using a heavy ion beam probe
P1-15 R. Kanno (National Institute for Fusion Science) Development of impurity transport simulation code based on drift-kinetic equation
P1-16 Mamoru SHOJI (National Institute for Fusion Science) Comparative Analysis of Impurity Transport in the Peripheral Plasma in the Large Helical Device for Carbon and Tungsten Divertor Configurations with EMC3-EIRENE
P1-17 Ryota MATOIKE (Kyoto University) First Application of 3D peripheral plasma transport code EMC3-EIRENE to Heliotron J
P1-18 T. Kobayashi (National Institute for Fusion Science) Comparison of 3D distribution of impurity emission obtained by single field-of-view tomography with 3D edge transport code EMC3-EIRENE in the large helical device
P1-19 Tomoyuki MAEDA (Keio University) Effects of the Plasma Blob Nonlinear Formation/Transport on Impurity Transport in the SOL Regions
P1-20 Jintana PAKDEEWANICH (Prince of Songkla University) Effects of Impurity Radiation on Plasma Performance, Pedestal width and Height Based on Two-field Bifurcation Approach
P1-21 Tetsutarou OISHI (National Institute for Fusion Science) Study of Carbon Impurity Transport in Deuterium and Hydrogen Plasmas in the Edge Ergodic Layer of Large Helical Device
P1-22 Gakushi KAWAMURA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Impurity Transport Analysis in LHD Divertor Plasma with Neon Gas Puff
P1-23 Keisuke MATSUURA (Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya University) Analysis of impurity ion transport in plasmas with toroidal rotation by orbit following calculation
P1-24 Arseniy Kuzmin (NIFS) Helium and carbon collisional-radiative models for evaluation of plasma parameters in stochastic layer of LHD
P1-25 Yuejiang SHI (Seoul National University) Observation of multi-channel non-local transport in J-TEXT plasmas
P1-26 Shinichiro TODA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Transport simulation in helical plasmas by use of gyrokinetic transport model
P1-27 Withdrawn
P1-28 Kimitaka ITOH (Chubu University) On the source of turbulence by fuelling
P1-30 Shinsuke SATAKE (National Institute for Fusion Science) Development of a Global Neoclassical Transport Simulation for Multi Species Plasmas in Helical Configuration
P1-32 Boyu ZHANG (Kyushu University) Evaluation Of Intermittency Of Turbulence In A Linear Magnetized Plasma
P1-33 Guoliang XIAO (Southwestern Institute of Physics, China) Effect of the external driven velocity shear on the turbulence radial wavenumber spectral shift and its amplitude
P1-34 Naoki KENMOCHI (The University of Tokyo) Uphill Diffusion with Low Frequency Fluctuation in Dipole Magnetic Field
P1-35 Shogo MAETA (Kyoto University) Modelling of heat transport in LHD using neural network with non-dimensional input parameters
P1-36 Yasuhiro YAMAMOTO (Kyoto University) Effects of Electron Cyclotron Heating on the Toroidal Flow in Helical Plasmas
P1-37 Rentaro YOSHIDA (Kyoto university) Velocity Space Two-dimensional Collisional Effect On Flux-driven ITG Turbulence
P1-38 Yasushi TODO (National Institute for Fusion Science) Critical Fast Ion Distribution Function for the Synchronized Burst of Multiple Alfvén Eigenmodes
P1-39 Kunihiro OGAWA (NIFS) Feasibility Study of Neutral Beam Injection on Chinese First Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator (CFQS)
P1-40 Shigeyoshi KINOSHITA (National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS)) Engineering Design for the Chinese First Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator (CFQS)
P1-41 Mitsutaka ISOBE (National Institute for Fusion Science) Current Status of the NIFS-SWJTU Joint Project for Chinese First Quasi-axisymmetric Stellarator (CFQS)
P1-42 Suphachok BUARUK (Prince of Songkla University) Comparisons of the Plasma Performance of Future Thailand Tokamak using Various External Heating
P1-43 K. SATOU (Nagoya University) Development and tests of electrode assembly for plasma-immersed energetic-ion-production device
P1-44 Akihiro SHIMIZU (National Institute for Fusion Science) Consideration of The Influence of Coil Misalignment on The CFQS Magnetic Configuration
P1-45 Shota YAMADA (Keio University) Numerical Simulation for the Enhancement of H- Production in the DC Arc-Discharge Hydrogen Negative Ion Source for Medical Use
P1-46 Hatem ELSERAFY (Kyushu University) Design of high field side injection of X-mode for EBW conversion experiment in QUEST
P1-47 Hongyu Zhou (University of Defense Technology) Numerical study of bandwidth effect on stimulated Raman backscattering in nonlinear regime
P1-48 Yuuki OKAMOTO (kobe university) Improvement of ion-ion separation and collection by modification of electrode structure in a cusp type direct energy converter
P1-49 N. Kamuki (Chubu University) Computational Design of Next Generation Fusion Reactor, FFHR
P1-50 Keito HANAI (Tokai university) Development of Cs-free high current negative ion source by sheet plasma
P1-51 Toshiyuki MARUYAMA (TOYAMA Co.,Ltd.) Mechanical design and structural analysis for lower port optics of ITER Divertor Impurity Monitor
P1-52 Hiroki SHISHIDO (Tohoku University) A Dynamic Model of the Sustainable Twin Nuclear Fuel Cycle by Introducing Fusion Transmutation Reactors
P1-53 Taiga SHINOGI (Kyoto University) Integrated simulation study of LHD type fusion reactor by TASK3D
P1-54 Roppon PICHA (Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology) Simulation Study of Triangularity Effects on Plasma Properties for Future Thailand Tokamak
P1-55 Arata NISHIMURA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Study on Butt Weld Joint of Thick Plate Superconducting Coil Structure for Reduction of Welding Residual Deformation
P1-56 S. Matsunaga (SOKENDAI) Current transfer characteristics on the Wound and Impregnated Stacked Elastic tapes conductor
P1-57 Tetsuhiro OBANA (NIFS) Self-magnetic field measurements of the JT-60SA CS1 module
P1-58 Shinsaku IMAGAWA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Study on Configuration of Conductor Samples for 13 T - 700 mm Test Facility
P1-59 Kazuhiro SHIBATA (Kobe University) Experimental analysis on variation of the amount of particles passing through traveling wave direct energy converter
P1-60 Hirotaka YAMADA (Kobe University) Improvement of evaluation of heat quantity in a simulation experiment of divertor thermal load reduction by using a charge separation device
P1-61 Takeru OHGO (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies) Pebble Manufacturing by the High Viscosity Liquid Shot Tower Method for the Fusible Metal Pebble Divertor
P1-62 Punit KUMAR (University of Lucknow, India) Electron-Hole Instability In Quantum Semiconductor Quantum Plasma With Spin Polarization
P1-63 Young-Dae JUNG (Hanyang University) Resonant instabilities of surface dust ion-acoustic waves in a bounded dusty plasma slab with ion flows
P1-64 Myoung-Jae LEE (Hanyang University) Propagation of Ion-Cyclotron Surface Waves in Semi-bounded Dusty Plasmas with the Generalized Nonthermal Distribution Function
P1-65 Takumi HADA (Nihon university) Propagation of plasma bullet in impurity-controlled working gas: from standard to ultrapure atmospheric pressure plasma
P1-66 Withdrawn
P1-67 Seiji ISHIGURO (National Institute for Fusion Science) Potential Structure in the Detached Plasma Invaded by a Strong Plasma Pulse
P1-68 Mark jeffry Din DE LEON (University of the Philippines Diliman) Cold Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet Treatment Of Polyvinyl Chloride For Improved Paint Adhesion
P1-69 S. Yamashita (Tsukuba university) Evaluation of the stable measurement method by ASDEX type fast ion gauge under high-pressure gas environment
P1-70 G. SAKAI (Gunma University) A Monte Carlo Simulation for Hollow-Cathode Discharge Plasma in Magnetic Fields
P1-71 Shingo MASAKI (Doshisha University) Electric Potential Structure in the Extraction Region of the Negative Hydrogen Ion Source
P1-72 Jingyuan YANG (Nagoya Institute of Technology) Fluctuations of Incompressible Passive Vectors Convected by Homogeneous Turbulence
P1-73 Volodymyr Volodymyrovych MYKHAYLENKO (Pusan National University) The Ion Cyclotron Instabilities And Turbulence Of The Plasma Shearing Flows
P1-74 Keisuke ARAKI (Okayama University of Science) A note on stability analysis by the second variation of the Lagrangian and Hamiltonian
P1-75 Sota Mukai (Hokkaido University) Invariant Correction for Analysis of N-body Problem
P1-76 Takeru FURUKAWA (Tokyo university of Agriculture and Technology) Measurement of Azimuthal Current in Rotating Magnetic Field Plasma Acceleration Method
P1-77 Joey kim Tumbali SORIANO (Doshisha University) Development and characterization of ion mobility spectrometer
P1-78 Arnold Rey Burgos GINES (Doshisha University) Characteristics of an ECR Sheet Plasma
P1-79 Shinji YOSHIMURA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Intermittent magnetic fluctuations associated with high-temperature bubbles in an ECR plasma
P1-80 Hiroe IGAMI (NIFS) Observation of stair-like frequency transitions of ion cyclotron harmonic emissions in the lower hybrid frequency range in LHD
P1-81 K. ASAOKA (Nagoya University) Generation of spiral shape nitrogen recombining plasma for radical sources
P1-83 Keigo Asano (Nagoya University) FDTD Simulation of Optical Properties of Tungsten Fuzz Structure
P1-84 Ma. Shanlene D.C. Dela Vega (University of the Philippines Diliman) Plasma Modification of Exfoliated Graphene and Its Effects on Water Desalination
P1-85 Kota YANAGIHARA (Nagoya University) Extended geometrical optics ray tracing with single reference ray method in helical fusion plasmas
P1-86 Shin NISHIMURA (National Institute for Fusion Science) Nonlinear collisional energy exchange/scattering of plasma particle species with strongly anisotropic velocity distribution
P1-87 Junichi SEKIGUCHI (Nihon University) Excitation of Shock Waves in a Collisional Merging Process of FRC Plasmas
P1-88 Tetsuya AKITSU (Professor Emeritus of the University of Yamanashi) Electro-chemical plasma degradation of the 2,4 di-bromophenol flame retardant.
P1-89 Hiroshi OKAWA (Happy Science University) Water-remediation using gas-liquid boundary plasma electrolysis
P2-53 Teruou TAKAYAMA (Yamagata University) High-Performance FEM Simulation of Axisymmetric Pellet Injection System Using HTS Linear Acceleration
P2-60 Takao FUKUYAMA (Nagasaki University) Study on spatiotemporal structure of ionization waves in a glow discharge plasma